Mutant Punk city


0.08 ETH

November 10th

MUTANT PUNKS CITY is a NFT collection of 11111 unique Mutant Punks with hundreds of elements inspired by original Cryptopunks.
Ethereum blockchain. Price: 0.08 ETH

Each artwork is unique, very detailed and carries a piece of the soul of our crazy artist! Our artist is obsessed with mutants and his fantasy blows our heads.

We were the first to make Punks alive and mutated! Yes, they are Mutants, but in each of them you will be able to recognize the original Cryptopanks. And it's amazing!

Mutant Punks are just the beginning! These are only residents of the MPCity. Just imagine how many additions we will create for the community of the Mutant Punks City! Take a close look at the big picture above. We left a lot of hints there for you...

We need a large community and a lot of residents for our City and the next drops... That's why we are releasing 11111. But all unsold NFTs will be burned by us with tears in our eyes!

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