Multiverse of Women


0.05 ETH

November 19th

The Multiverse of Women was created as a response to the avalanche of male-dominated, profit-making projects in the NFT space. We wanted to create something different and something that could truly make a difference to the lives of women across the globe.
10,000 unique randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity, each inspired by powerful women throughout herstory, living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. There are 10,000 pieces each only 0.05 ETH.

We aim to create strong independent female avatars that stand for diversity, inclusivity, and true equality. We strongly believe NFTs have a unique position to create real change in the world. Our roadmap includes support for many female-centric charities and movements.

This is not just an art project. This is a community. A community that will empower women across the globe. A community that will change the world. The entire Multiverse of Women is carefully drawn by hand with thoughtful consideration of every single element and what it represents. With each element and trait we aim to shine a spotlight on empowerment and uncover a wonderful world of diversity, inclusivity, and equality.

With the Multiverse of Women not only will you be able to collect super awesome unique and diverse NFTs but you’ll be contributing to something much larger. We have plans to contribute significantly to worthy causes across the globe while also being able to give back to our awesome community members. One ambitious goal is to provide 10,000 meals to girls living in poverty. That’s not a typo. Ten thousand.

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